Websites to sell on

The internet is full of places to list your items on for sale, but there are some that will show you a higher success rate than others. The reason for this is simply because some eStores get a lot more traffic than the rest. More traffic = more sales = more money. The choice websites to sell on are usually eBay and Amazon. These 2 are the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Both of them allow people to register for a seller account and start making sales. If you can establish yourself on those websites as a power seller, you can do some great business. Even big jewelry sellers like Global Gold & Silver had to start somewhere! I even thought to sell my rolex there before.

How to become a power seller

The only way to become a power seller, in my opinion, is to start small. I know it isn’t very fun to sell small things for small money, but it’s the best way to begin getting your name out there as a trusted seller. People aren’t too picky when it comes to low-risk buying so they will probably buy from you as long as your prices are competitive.

This is a great way to build trust as a seller, as well as gain the edge by receiving good reviews and feedback from satisfied customers, which plays a huge role in your success as an online seller/merchant.

What is a power seller?

A power seller is a person or company that does a lot of business selling things over the internet. You’re probably asking “why couldn’t anyone become a power seller?”. Well, the answer to that is the simple fact that it isn’t that easy to find buyers that will trust you enough to purchase something from you over the web, especially if it’s something really valuable like jewelry.